Sankt Pauli Holland: who we are

FC ST Pauli Holland: away in Dusseldorf

As for football there isn’t much that unites the Dutch. Gone are the days of international success and on a national level the fanscene is heavily segregated. But luckily there is FC Sankt Pauli with its power to bring together Dutch fans from all over the The Netherlands! FC St Pauli Holland is a young, but growing movement. An official fanclub for people who support the Kiezkickers and -above all else- share the beliefs that make our club unique.

A single Facebook Message from one Dutch Sankt Pauli fan to another in October 2016 marked the beginning of Sankt Pauli Holland. A Facebook page was made within minutes and so a platform was created for others to join. The first months saw a slow but steady growth of the member base and created excitement in the group: “What? You saw Sankt Pauli first play in the eighties?” “Do you really have a collection of 9 Jack Daniels Jerseys?” It’s very cool to get in touch with unknown people sharing the same passion! And of course we shared desillusion and excitement before, during and after matches. Mind you: in the first months of our existence FC St Pauli lost almost every game, ending up at the bottom of the league. A good test to sort out glory hunters…

But naturally we are more than just an online platform. Members have started to meet and about 1,5 years we started to plan trips to games. So we went to Düsseldorf, Bochum, Duisburg and of course, Hamburg. When possible, we like taking new girls and guys with us who are always excited when they experience the unconditional support of the Sankt Pauli fans. A nice way to grow the Dutch fanbase further. Meanwhile our fanclub is registered with the Fanladen and we have set up a paid membership structure. You are a member for only 19.10 EURO a year, money which is used to organize activities and support the Jeugdsportfonds (Youth Sports Fund), which helps children take part in organized sports who ordinarily have no money to do so. We have set up an official partnership with this wonderful organisation and use auctions of fan club material, part of the membership fees, and our very own ticket service (you could mail the Fanladen yourself for tickets, but you can also let us do it and in return we charge a little extra which goes to charity) to raise money for these children.

Being a relatively new kid on the (Fan)block we very much enjoy the critical, but also positive and international vibe around the lively club that Sankt Pauli is. We are in touch with a growing number of German fans but also enjoy close connections with friends from the UK, Norway, Canada and Scandinavia. To many of them we sent our stickers, and have received theirs in return. We discovered Sankt Pauli sticker collecting is a hobby in itself! A special shoutout we give to De Brune Pandaer from Denmark. We fought a legendary battle with them on Twitter and drank beer together in Bochums Ritterburg. And meanwhile we have a special relationship with Traktor ST Pauli from Hamburg too. So much was going on in our first years of existence!  We look forward to much more to come. Forza Sankt Pauli!



Twitter: @fcsp_nl

Instagram: sanktpauliholland

Facebook: FC Sankt Pauli Holland


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